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Jefferds Corporation
West Virginia - Virginia: 1st Quarter 2020

2019 Sales Awards

  • Both Homestead and Jefferds won the Clark Dealer of Excellence Award for 2019.

  • Devon Criss (Clarksburg) was recognized as Salesman of the Year for 2019- his second
    consecutive year of being the best of a very good group.

  • Chad Foutz (Roanoke) was recognized as being the best Salesman within the Homestead Division for 2019.

  • Kevin Stanley (Chilhowie) was recognized as being Customer Service Salesman of the year for 2019.

  • St. Albans was recognized as being the Best Branch for 2019.

Customer Compliments

Paul Cline of LB & B Associates wrote, “I cannot praise my service provider enough. Sean Loring (St. Albans) is your best asset.”

Brian Davis, Maintenance Supervisor with Perdue Chickens in Bridgewater, Va. wrote about a Genie Telehandler repair, “Thank you and your guys for getting the Telehandler back so quick. I really appreciate the hard work.” The job was done
by Abe Nelson and RW Taylor of Verona and was completed in one day!

Jim Smith with Chenoweth Ford said of the Clarksburg Branch- “Great sales Team.” Liz Shaffer, Clarksburg had just delivered a new Clark forklift.

David Austin with Elizabeth Arden said that Wayne Freeman and Nick Saylor (Roanoke) had done “great” work on their dock boards.

Brent Hayes of Bedrock Tool and Equipment said, “Dustin Lewis (Parkersburg) is great!”

Sean Blackwell of Tadano Mantis Crane Co. wrote, “I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your support and unequivocal service that you provided to TMC since we have forged our partnership. Obviously when we started with
Homestead, our focus was on “Overhead Cranes” and “Forklift” support, but since then, thanks largely to your representative Kevin Stanley (Chilhowie), there has been a floodgate of possibilities that we are now utilizing and planning to
utilize Homestead for. I normally don’t put individuals on pedestals, but I think too many times that happens in our industry. I joked with one of our V.P.’s that our dealings are with Kevin Stanley and he brought Homestead along for the ride. In a nutshell, our confidence in Homestead is because off the service we get from Kevin.”

Nick Curry, Curry Transfer wrote, “Joe Gregor (Parkersburg) is an excellent salesman. He is very easy to reach, quick to respond and personable. He was great to work with.”

Joey Camp with Roanoke County Public Schools told us how satisfied he was with Erich Hemmings (Roanoke) conducting Operator Training Classes.

Tim Osborne of Pro V Services, LLC wrote, “You have one of the best guys working for you. Devon Criss (Clarksburg) took the time and went over everything with me. I will only purchase Bobcat from Devon.”

Vince Nowell of Alco Fence Company wrote about his purchase of a new Clark S25 “First class Company-very pleased.”

Mitch Roberts of Bosley Rental praised Jeremy  osier (Cross Lanes)-“Jeremy
did a great job. Staff has been great overall.”

Larry Anderson of Great Lakes Minerals wrote, “I am very satisfied with my service and my technician”-that is Nick Atkins (St. Albans). “Nick does a great job for us- always fast and efficient.”

Donald and Deborah Robinson wrote of their recent Bobcat E-25 purchase “Very satisfied. Salesman Dustin Lewis (Parkersburg) was wonderful.”

Bird Excavating had a Bobcat A300 stolen with a bucket, breaker and pallet fork frame. A man came into Cross Lanes to buy parts for an A300 but couldn’t supply the serial number so Jase Huffman got his name and phone number and got his license plate number as he drove away. We gave that  information to Troy Bird. The same fellow had sold stolen scrap copper and the State Police flew over his house and saw the Bobcat and that was good enough to obtain a warrant. The unit was recovered and it was THE stolen A300 so the customer got his unit back thanks to the quick thinking of Jase!

Steve Crawford at West Rock in Low Moor, Va. was praising the work of Blake Morgan (Roanoke  Installation)-Steve said that Blake went above and  beyond and paid attention to every detail and that he was very happy with Blake’s work.

Robert Hensley, who bought a new Bobcat S590 last year called to say how
much he appreciated Casey Pemberton (Cross Lanes) when he recently worked
on the machine.

Tom at Bigley, Piggly Wiggly wrote of his recent purchase of a Crown WP3035-45 “Fast friendly service. Frankie Ball (St. Albans) explained the equipment,service. Just overall great people.”

Travis Garrett of T. Garrett Construction wrote about his experience buying a new E35 Excavator, “Joshua Mills (Cross Lanes) answered every question and explained the machine and above all called me back in a timely fashion concerning the machine. Thanks!”


Moving Up

William Barrett (Roanoke) – has moved from Mechanic Road I to Field Supervisor Road.

Will Barker (Chilhowie) – has moved from Mechanic III to Mechanic II.

Bob Casto – has moved from Rental/Used Coordinator to WV Rental Manager.

Phil Cogar – has moved from being Cross Lanes Branch Manager to being WV Bobcat Sales Manager.

Barry Cranford – has moved from WV Rental Manager to being Cross Lanes Branch Manager.

Michael Emerson (Verona) – has moved from Mechanic II to Mechanic I.

David Powell (St. Albans) – has moved from Engineered Product Mechanic II to Engineered Product Mechanic I.

Shelvie Smith (Cross Lanes) – has moved from Mechanic Trainee to Shop Mechanic III.

Luther Williams (Chilhowie) – has moved from Installer II to Installer I.

Mark Roberts (Chesapeake) – has moved from Mechanic I to Field Service Supervisor.

Congratulations to each of you and thank you for your continuing
growth with us!

Employee Excellence

Barry Thompson (Clarksburg) has reached Bobcat Bronze in the Bobcat Parts Learning Path. Congratulations!

Happy Retirement

Way back on July 25, 1977, a young man came to work in our Parkersburg Parts Department for less than $4 an hour. On March 31, he is going to retire with 43 years of dedicated service. Dan Patterson has sold millions of dollars worth of parts during that 43 year span and in addition he had CSS responsibility for Dupont and Chemours for a number of those years and also attended Safety meetings at the Dupont plant on a regular basis for a number of years. Dan has always been an avid high school athletics fan and has both sung in his own church choir and other church choirs. He is great automotive enthusiast.

Unfortunately, due to the Coronavirus situation, we are not sending him into retirement in the normal manner but we will address that once this crisis is behind us-in typical Dan fashion, it was he who suggested that approach first. We all wish him many years of successful retirement and we thank him for his many years of loyal service. He has about a dozen holes in one and so we have an expectation that number will only increase over the next few years as
he finds more time to play more golf. Have fun!

Welcome New Hires!

Aaron Botkin – is our new Installer in Verona. He is single and comes to us from Penny Plate and his hobbies include welding/fabricating and he is currently building a Jeep.

Stacey Culpeper – is our new mechanic in Chesapeake. He is married (Darlene) and they have a son and a daughter. He comes to us from RK Chevrolet and he enjoys working on his yard, cars and boats.

Chris McCauley – is our new Salesman in Richmond. He is single, has two children and comes to us from East Penn/Deka. His hobbies include dirt bikes and coaching youth football.

Jakob Meadows – is our new Mechanic-Intern in Verona. He joins us from Augusta Equipment, was born in Staunton, is single and likes to work on his vehicles and drive around.

Tiffany Monroe – is our new Service Coordinator in Lynchburg. She is single, has two children and joins us from Top 2 Bottom Construction and Cleaning. She enjoys church youth activities, fishing, ATV riding and sports with children.

Adam Null – is a new Engineered Product Mechanic at the Toyota Engine Plant. He is married (Candy) and the have two daughters. He joins us from Diamond Electric and is a Preacher at the WV Home Mission church.

Gary Roach – is working as the Service Supervisor in Parkersburg. He is married (Toni) and he likes off road motorcycles and camping. He comes to us from Giddings Machine Racing in Belpre, Ohio.

Casey Rowe- is working as an Engineered Product Mechanic at the Toyota Engine Plant. He is married (Katelyn) and they have three young boys. A native of St. Augustine, FL. he enjoys sports with his sons.

Adam Russell- is working as a mechanic in Richmond. He is married (Jennifer) and they have two children. He joins us from Russell’s Auto Truck parts and he likes fishing, sports and cars.

Lee Schoolfield- is our new Installer in Roanoke. He is single, was born in Georgia and likes to take things apart and put them back together.

Melvin Shanteau- has rejoined us as a shop mechanic in St. Albans. He worked for us as a Road Mechanic for years and we are glad to have him back in the shop. He is married (Robin) and they have one son and five grandsons. Melvin enjoys hunting, fishing, camping and spending time with his family.

Ralph Stokel – is a new Parts Order Editor in Chesapeake. He is married (Tina) and they have one grown daughter. He enjoys woodworking and traveling with family and friends.



Addressing COVID-19

While writing Update is a “normal” function that happens every three
months, there is little about now that seems very normal. Having said that,
we remain open to serve those customers who have also stayed openmany
of whom move food, beverages and necessary medical supplies
through the distribution system so when we all go to the grocery store, the
things we need are there-at some point that will include toilet paper! I
want to thank each of you for continuing to work during times that are
tough on all of us. I KNOW that our customers appreciate it as I have
heard from several of them about how you have performed during the
pandemic. We WANT everyone to be safe and remain healthy during this

I wish I could tell you how long this will last-sadly, I have no idea. I expect,
on the short term, it may well get worse before it gets better and then,
perhaps towards the end of April, it should start to get better, but I hasten
to add, I am no expert. I know we all want things to get back to where they
were and I strongly believe that will happen. It will happen faster if we all
continue to follow the CDC guidelines and remain vigilant with all the basic
approaches they recommend. To be candid, we may have to make some
adjustments in work force, and in fact, we have already had to do that with
the men who work at the Toyota Engine Plant as it is shut tight until at
least April 20. Any decisions we make will be a day by day and week by
week exercise-much of which will be determined by how many of our
customers remain open and need our services. These will be difficult and
painful decisions and we will do our best to be as fair and equitable as we

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions that you have.

– Richard Sinclair