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Jefferds Corporation
Virginia: 3rd Quarter 2018


On June 3, 1968, fresh out of high school, David Cronise, Homestead’s greatest bicycle rider, joined Homestead in Roanoke-the first of the Virginia Branches of Jefferds Corporation. During the last 50 years, David has served well in many positions: Shipping and Receiving, Parts Department, Dispatcher, Truck Driver, Used Equipment/Rental Manager, Safety Manager, Service Manager and most recently, CSS for the Roanoke Western territory. He has worn many hats over the years and some of them at the same time. He has excelled in each of those tasks over the years.

All good things come to an end and on August 9th, David eased into retirement. In short, Homestead Materials Handling Company is a better place because he was here all those years-nurturing new employees and lending his expertise and advice to any issue that came up. How many people do you know that have spent 50 years working for one Company? It’s impressive and we simply wish him a retirement full of joy and relaxation. May the wind always be at his back, the road smooth and his tires forever full.


  • Sherri Stump of Braxton County Middle School wrote about her new Crown WP3035-45 sold by Charlie Bierer (Clarksburg), “We are very pleased with the Crown WP. I appreciate all that you have done.”

  • Jason Corrigan of Jerry Corrigan Enterprises wrote, “Josh Mills (Cross Lanes) is a great salesman. His hard work is what initially got me to purchase from Bobcat and it is why I continue to come back.”

  • Dave Wenger of Wenger Grapes said that the work that David Austin and R. W. Taylor (Verona) did on his Clark forklift has his truck running better than ever. He was very pleased with their work.

  • Leroy Miller of LM Excavating wrote, “Dustin Lewis (Parkersburg) treated me very well. He has my high regards.”

  • Carl Hogg wrote, “if it had not been for Josh Mills (Cross Lanes) I’m not sure I would have purchased the product”. It was a 72” Rotary cutter.

  • Jodie Bonnette of Moran Construction said of her Bobcat E35 purchase, “Dustin Lewis (Parkersburg) is a great salesman and you can tell he really cares about his customers.”


  • Over the past several years, the Chilhowie Branch has made several unsuccessful attempts to open and build a relationship with the Pepsi facility in Wytheville, Virginia. In February, the Chilhowie team built a targeted marketing plan based on the successes they have earned in similar applications. In March, David Meredith, Kevin Stanley and Kevin Plowman made a LEVEL OF SERVICE EXPECTATIONS presentation to the Plant Operations Manager and his Team. The presentation clearly defined what “right” looks like for both Pepsi and Homestead. Through the next few weeks the questions and answers narrowed the gap and with references from the Gatorade plant, the deal was closed. Brian Edwards, Randall Vaughan and Luther Williams (Chilhowie) have all impressed the management Team at Pepsi with their expertise and professionalism. Wes Riley (Chilhowie) has developed an excellent relationship with Bayron Zuniga, Operations Manager. Homestead was recently awarded the parts and service business on 5 aerial platforms and additional interior doors. Since then Kevin Plowman has sold several dock and door projects with several more in the tube. Team work pays off!

  • Josh Westra, Trevor Murray and Calvin Hatfield (Chesapeake) have been working hard on DOING the PMs that the Branch has sold-now up to 359. Andy DelFavero, Tim Collins and Art Cramer (Chesapeake) completed a turnkey 18 Dock Board at the Tippman Group and the customer’s response was “we are going to have you replace the other 18 boards on the back of the building in 2019.”

  • Andy DelFavero, Tim Collins and Art Cramer (Chesapeake) completed a turnkey 18 Dock Board at the Tippman Group and the customer’s response was “we are going to have you replace the other 18 boards on the back of the building in 2019.”


Mike Milhoan, Roanoke, has been appointed to the newly formed Dealer Advisory Council for Linde/Kion.


  • Jim Lundy (Verona) David Geisen (Chesapeake) and Chad Foutz (Roanoke) all attended Doosan Sales Training.

  • The following Virginia employees received training on the new Clark S Series truck component ID and Operation:
    • Chilhowie: Patrick Quisenberry
    • Roanoke: Chip Bolton 
    • Verona: Wil Arehart, Mike Slashchev, Mickey Emerson, Ryan Hawkins, Harry Reed, Rick Redifer, Kevin Deegan, Eddie Payne, and Kole Showalter.

  • Dmitriy Lyamshin and Ryan Hawkins (Verona) received Crown Factory Training for the TSP 6000 Turret Trucks.

  • Jimmy Primm (Lynchburg) received Doosan Training on Electric Series 5 and 7 SME and Curtis Controllers.


Kevin Stanley (Chilhowie) along with the Chilhowie crew, have been making customers aware of the need for annual aerial equipment inspections and have helped customers avoid large potential fines by signing up 26 aerial equipment units on PM inspections!


WV has become the exclusive Dealer for Bomag Compaction Equipment and it will be sold and rented by the Bobcat Sales Force. Product is slowly arriving and sales and service training will follow soon. 

Nestle USA in Danville, Virginia found themselves in need of immediate forklift operator training for over 140 employees. Who you gonna call? Kirk Miller and Jacob Sorrells (Lynchburg) came up with a plan considering the large student base, shift schedules, language barriers and mix of equipment types and the extremely tight time frame required. Daryl Morrison (Richmond) and Eric Milhoan (Roanoke) were drafted to help. Initially the customer was skeptical that we could deliver but halfway through the event, they expressed extreme gratitude. We completed the task, on time and at budget. Impressive! More Teamwork!


Kayleigh Quinsenberry, 12 year old daughter of Patrick (Chilhowie) competed in the Little League Softball World Series in Portland, Oregon. Her Team won the District 5 playoffs, then the Tennessee State Title and then the Southeast Regional title to earn the trip to Portland. Of 128 players at the Little League World Series, Kayleigh had the 9th best batting average. The games were carried on ESPN.


  • Cheyenne Brown is our new Administrative Assistant in Chesapeake. She was born in the OTHER Charleston-South Carolina and comes to us from Under Armor. She is expecting a child soon. Her hobbies include reading and traveling.

  • Christopher Crabtree is our new Engineered Products Mechanic at the Toyota Engine Plant. He is single, was born in Huntington and comes to us from MPW Industrial Services.

  • Kevin Ferguson is our new Mechanic in St. Albans. He is married (Amiee) and he enjoys hunting and fishing and he comes to us from Marshall University.

  • Chad Foutz is our new Salesman in Roanoke. He has two children, comes to us from being the baseball coach at Ferrum College and his hobbies include golf, sporting events with his children and spending time with family and friends.

  • David Giesen is our new Salesman in Chesapeake. He has two children, was born in La Grange, Illinois and comes to us from Doormation. His hobbies include golf, beach, cooking, paddle boarding and biking on the boardwalk.

  • Jeremy Greer is our new Mechanic in Chilhowie. He has one son and is getting married September 28. He enjoys football, farming and diesel engines. He joins us from Abingdon Equipment.

  • Kevin Haston is our new Parts Order Editor in Richmond. He is single, was born in Henrico County and likes to roller skate.

  • Robert Higginbotham is an Engineered Products Mechanic at the Toyota Engine Plant. He is single, was born in Gallipolis, Ohio and likes to Motocross and ride horses. He joins us from Automation Corporation.

  • James Logan is our new Mechanic in Richmond. He has two children and likes hunting, fishing and shooting. He joins us from Abbott Truck Sales,

  • Jacob Marinich is working as a crane tech in the Toyota Engine Plant. He is married (Wishona) and he enjoys fishing and hunting. He comes to us from Kone Cranes.

  • Jason Ringer is our new Mechanic in Clarksburg. He is married (Jessica) and they have two children. He was born in Morgantown and likes football, baseball, wrestling and hunting. He comes to us from Bemis, Inc.

  • Jeremy Schultz is our new Used Sales Coordinator in St. Albans. He is married (Katelynn) and they are expecting a child in November. He was born in Charleston, likes hunting, golfing and hiking and comes to us from North Coast Roofing.

  • Rob Stout is our new Truck Driver in Clarksburg. He is married (Debra) and they have two grown children. He likes coon hunting and rebuilding trucks and joins us from Mountain State Waste.

  • Jason Wysong is our new Mechanic in St. Albans. He is married (Jennifer) and they have two children. He likes cars, trucks, guns and the outdoors and comes to us from The Crown Lift Truck Dealer in St. Louis.


  • Lawson Vance (St. Albans) has moved from Mechanic III to Mechanic II.
  • Nick Adkins (St. Albans) has moved from Mechanic III to Mechanic II.
  • Tom Racer (WV Installations) has moved from Crew Leader to Project Manager/Project Engineer.
  • Arthur Cramer (Richmond) has moved from Installer III to Installer II.
  • John MacIver (Parkersburg) has moved from Service Supervisor to Mechanic I Road.
  • Thomas Burch (Chesapeake) has moved from Road Mechanic I to Shop Mechanic.


  • Barbara Louk (Clarksburg) had a granddaughter on September 6.
  • Jack Singleton (Verona) had a daughter on September 8.


  • William Barker (Chilhowie) married (Valor) on September 8.
  • Dana McClead (WV Installations) got married (Hannah) on September 8.
  • Roger Doneff (St Albans) gets married September 29.


  • Jimmy Primm (Lynchburg) lost his mother-in-law on July 10.
  • Shawnna Forkins (St. Albans) lost her grandmother on July 21.
  • Robert Stout (Clarksburg) lost his brother on September 14.
  • Buddy Ferrill (Roanoke) lost his father-in-law on September 26.